If you can't get enough live theatre, check out some of our area's other theatres that you may not be familiar with!


Bankside Rep began as an idea by a group of like-minded theatre directors, actors, and educators many years ago.  The desire was to start a professional theatre company in the Riverbend region of Illinois – a place where these artists could produce thought-provoking work that would also entertain, uplift, and inspire.  In 2015 the six founding members began talks with Jacoby Arts Center in Alton, Illinois.  Jacoby quickly took the group under its wing, providing a theatre home for the company.  By May of 2015 Bankside Repertory Theatre Company had officially formed and was in residence at Jacoby.


The Goshen Theatre Project was founded in 2014 by a group of educators from the Metro east area. This team of educators was joined by a group of very dedicated parents who desired to expand performance opportunities for their community.  GTP was born out of the need for a total arts experience in a world where less emphasis is placed on the fine arts and their importance in shaping well rounded individuals.  


Curtain’s Up Theater Company (CUTC) is our community theater company which performs in the Madison County area, primarily in Collinsville and Edwardsville. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a variety of quality theatrical experiences to the community. 


The goal of Alfresco Productions, today as it has always been, is to create, stimulate, and perpetuate the arts. The logo of Alfresco Productions is a tree. But the tree, if you look closely is made of people. We believe people are the roots to a great community. The slogan along with the logo is…
“One generation plants the seed, the next gets the shade.”

We of Alfresco Productions aren’t creating these artistic and cultural events solely to be enjoyed today but rather to lay the groundwork and enjoyed by the next generation as well.

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